Passengers were evacuated from Manchester airport early this morning amid reports of damage to one of the terminals.

Photos shared on Twitter show a crack which appeared beside a metal beam where travellers were boarding a flight to Palma at gate 212 in Terminal Two.

Another crack appeared in the floor which caused the issue.

The fire service was called to the scene and passengers were evacuated from the gate as a safety precaution, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Gate 212 is housed inside a temporary building while work is taking place at the airport.

Passengers said they heard a loud noise at around 7am and began to panic.

They were then evacuated onto the airfield and airport staff then explained what was happening.

The incident is only affecting passengers travelling from gate 212 and is not having an impact on other flights, the airport said.

A spokesman for the airport said the gate was evacuated due to a crack in the floor and not the wall.

They added: “A small crack appeared in the floor. We have evacuated one flight as a precaution in that area.”