Sir Ranulph Fiennes has told travel agents that identifying motivation through religious faith in aspiring explorers helped him decide his team.

The world’s greatest living explorer detailed his record-breaking achievements on board Princess Cruises’ ship Royal Princess today (May 25) in the final session of the 2018 Clia Conference.

Explaining how he put together his team, he said: “Motivation is a big problem. We found that if they have a religious faith, it does not matter what, that was pretty good. It is helpful.

“They can beat that wimpish voice in their heads.”

Fiennes’ exploration teams would range from two people to eight.

Fiennes said he was personally spurred on to achieve history-making feats, such travel pole to pole and climbing Everest as a pensioner, by his father and grandfather.

“I have another motivation that the people that I respect the most – my father and my grandfather – are watching me,” he said.

“I have never met them but I have heard many stories about them.”