Airlines using French airspace tomorrow (Tuesday) face cancelations and delays due to the latest round of strike action by French air traffic controllers.

The controllers are due to walk out as part of a wider general strike across the country.

British Airways warned: “Unfortunately, if the threatened strike does go ahead, we are likely to be forced to cancel some flights as a result of the strike action and other short-haul flights may also experience some disruption, given how many flights from numerous European airlines would normally use French airspace each day.

“We will be using larger aircraft, where possible, to help affected customers and are doing all we can to reduce the levels of disruption.”

Air France said the French civil aviation authority had requested airlines to reduce flight schedules from Paris Orly, Lyon and Marseilles airports and warned passengers to expect late minute cancellations or delays.

EasyJet said: “We expect that there will be delays and cancellations due to the industrial action, therefore we advise all customers to check the status of their flight

“Please also be aware that public transport services will be affected by the strike. We recommend all customers allow plenty of extra time to get to the airport and consider alternative transport options where possible.

“Although this situation is outside of our control we would like to apologise to any affected passengers for the inconvenience caused.”