Short-term, Britain’s exit from the European Union won’t change much, but long-term, nationalism of this kind will not bring peace to the world, according to the boss of Tui Group.

Fritz Joussen said: “As a European, I think it is awful that Britain is leaving Europe. Standing together is somehow important. Think about all the values and the similarities we have in Europe, so we should stand together to create a single model.

“But it’s not just economic. It’s about openness. My children can go anywhere. They think Brexit is madness. The younger generation feel European but Britain leaving has brought the rest of Europe closer together.”

Joussen added: “The British have voted to leave so we have to respect it. Now the question is how they do it.

“A philosopher in Germany said that when Britain voted for Brexit, they didn’t vote for the exit of Europe but for the exit of reality – because how do you actually do it in the short-term?”