Mert Selim, the parent of Turkey specialist Parade Travel, has gone into administration, the Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed.

The north London-based operator sold all-inclusive holidays, city breaks and ‘culture tours’ to the destination, according to its website and has an Atol licence for around 1,500 passengers.

The firm traded as Gezinet London and Parade Travel.

The Parade Travel website was still live this morning (Monday) with no indication that the company has ceased trading.

There are not believed to be any holidaymakers currently overseas and all future holiday booked with the company have been cancelled.

However, customers with Atol-protected bookings will be able to claim full refunds, the regulator confirmed.

CAA head of Atol Andy Cohen said: “We understand this will be concerning news for anyone who has booked to travel with the company.

“However, the Atol scheme exists for exactly this kind of situation and we are making immediate arrangements so all Atol, protected customers can claim full refunds as quickly as possible.

“So while this situation is very disappointing for the customers affected, it is also a timely reminder of the importance of remembering to check for Atol protection when booking holidays.

“By making sure you receive an Atol certificate when you book, you have peace of mind you will not lose your money or have to make your own way home – even if your travel company stops trading.”

Rumours were circulating throughout Friday about the company which is based in Stoke Newington after customers started posting complaints on a TripAdvisor forum.

The Parade Travel website says: “You could probably call us travel junkies. When we’re not researching and arranging trips for other people, we’re making plans for ourselves; seeing sights; enjoying new experiences; sampling new foods; making return visits.

“Because we love to travel so much ourselves, we know how important it is to get things right, so we’ve made it our mission to create the smoothest travel experience possible.

“From glittering white sands and deserted beaches to historical world heritage sites and the vibrant sprawl of a far-flung urban jungle, you can find your perfect destination with Parade Travel.

“And from the moment of booking until, tanned and happy, you return to your own front door, we guarantee you your best travel experience yet.”

Booked with Parade Travel? Here’s the CAA’s advice