British passengers affected by wildcat strikes by airline staff in other countries in Europe now have the option of having their claim reviewed.

The message came from the UK aviation regulator following the European Court of Justice ruling in passengers’ favour over sudden delays or cancellations due to last minute industrial action.

Many of these compensation claims have been previously denied by airlines on the grounds of ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

A UK Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said the regulator notes the court ruling “and welcomes the clarity it provides to consumers who are impacted by wildcat strikes”.

“Although wildcat strikes are illegal in the United Kingdom, British passengers travelling abroad may have experienced disruption as a result of such action,” he added.

“This ruling means that any passenger who has been impacted by wildcat strike action can pursue a claim for compensation under EU261.

“This also means that any passenger who feels that a previous claim was refused on the basis of the disruption being as a result of wildcat strike action, could now go back to their airline and request their claim is reviewed.”