Carnival Cruise Line has issued a “commitment to more training” after a family of 23 were thrown off one its ships earlier this year for fighting.

Christine Duffy, the line’s president, confirmed an internal investigation was ongoing and additional training was being provided after a 10-day cruise in the South Pacific descended into chaos.

Footage of the family fighting emerged on social media leading to the group being removed from the Carnival Legend ship on February 16 in Eden, New South Wales, Australia.

Duffy said: “The video on its surface certainly does not reflect our values or how we train our security officers. There is an investigation underway.”

Responding to media questions on board new ship Carnival Horizon, Duffy insisted “additional training was being provided”, but admitted the line had not experienced “issues at that level before”.

She added that cruising in Australia presented a challenge when an onboard incident, such as passenger brawls, flared up.

“The challenge that we have in Australia is we are not as close to the ports to bring a ship back quickly,” she said.

“There are investigations and commitment to more training.

“I think any time there is a negative experience that is reported as widely is something that does not help the brand.

“Over time we will do everything in our power to make sure that people understand the facts and make sure they understand the commitment that we have, as a cooperation, that our number one priority is keeping our crew and guests safe.”