There’s no accounting for taste, so the saying goes, and our exclusive study of consumer opinion on travel’s peaks ads this week proves that conclusively.

Despite being ranked worst, First Choice’s ‘Go Mahoosive with the All Inclusive’ rap ad went down a storm in the Huxley household.

My kids absolutely loved it, although admittedly they are younger than the reviewers in our study, conducted by sentiment analysis specialist SoundOut.

As soon as it came on the TV they were jigging and rapping along with the family in the ad, so clearly something about it really resonated with them.

I wonder how many mums and dads ended up booking a First Choice holiday cajoled by their kids’ enthusiasm, even if they found the advert a little hard to watch.

Conversely, it was fascinating to see the likes of Great Rail Journeys, P&O Cruises and Shearings rated so well, given the audience we surveyed was under the age of 45.

Clearly Joanna Lumley, who does the Great Rail voiceover, is the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs for travel firms. Remember the impact her travelogues had on sales for the northern lights, India and Japan?

What the SoundOut research did highlight was the risk in trying to be too quirky and contrived.

Even teenagers and twentysomethings like being inspired by the basics of what holidays are all about – relaxation, beautiful scenery and wonderful experiences.

But I hope this won’t deter firms from pushing the boundaries. After all, if you’re First Choice, the only thing worse than taking flak is not being talked about at all.

Comment from Travel Weekly, 29 March edition