Flight consolidators Lime and Aviate have come together with technology provider Calrom under the Travel Innovation Group brand.

It is seen as providing a platform for future development and helping customers see the breadth of the offering across the three businesses.

Travel Innovation Group is promising to introduce several products to target new markets this year to help the three companies reach more than £200 million in annual turnover.

A new website for Travel Innovation Group was due to go live yesterday (Tuesday) as well as a new logo.

Group managing director Michael Edwards said: “These developments are reflective of our considerable growth in the last few years.

“We have introduced several new products, including regional and short haul flying and a members-only Aviator Club.

“To support this, our teams have grown 300% over the past year, with over 200 employees at the end of January.”

He added: “We needed a new brand that better encapsulated our growing organisation and our expert teams, one which could also reflect the type of products that we’re going to be bringing to market in 2018 and beyond.

“We’ve come out of the process with a brand that captures the innovative nature of all our businesses and showcases our three complementary companies.

“Our current customers won’t be affected by the rebrand. They are still dealing with the individual companies they’ve come to know and trust. This will just enable us to operate more intuitively from a group perspective.”