Marriott Hotels has been named by the government among a series of companies failing to pay staff the minimum wage.

The company was found to have failed to pay £71,722 for 279 workers.

Marriott was one of almost 180 companies ‘named and shamed’ for underpaying more than 9,000 minimum wages workers by £1.1 million.

It was highlighted as the second worst offender after restaurant chain Wagamama.

The government imposed fines of £1.3 million for underpayment on a total of 179 employers.

The hotel company apologised and said it was committed to paying the National Minimum Wage.

“When an error was identified by a routine HMRC audit in 2015, we co-operated fully with HMRC and promptly reimbursed all those affected,” it said.

“We apologise to all our associates impacted by this error, and have taken steps to ensure it cannot happen again.”

Business minister Andrew Griffiths said: “There are no excuses for short-changing workers.

“This is an absolute red line for this government and employers who cross it will get caught – not only are they forced to pay back every penny but they are also fined up to 200% of wages owed.

“Today’s naming round serves as a sharp reminder to employers to get their house in order ahead of minimum wage rate rises on 1 April.”