Ryanair has launched a new environmental policy, which includes eliminating all non-recyclable plastics within five years.

The airline has committed itself to being “Europe’s greenest airline” investing “billions” into fuel-efficient aircraft and allowing customers to offset the carbon cost of their flights.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said: “As Europe’s greenest airline, we are pleased to launch our environmental policy, a blueprint for our achievements to date and future targets.

“Operating the youngest fleet in Europe, high load factors and efficient fuel burn, has enabled us to continuously lower our CO2 emissions. Customers can now offset the carbon cost of their flight by making a voluntary donation to a climate charity at the end of the booking process, and we have committed to going plastic free across our operations over the next five years.”

Ryanair’s chief operating officer Peter Bellew added: “Our environmental policy cements our commitment to continuously improving the carbon efficiency of our operations. By minimising fuel and energy consumption, reducing noise pollution and relentlessly supporting global emissions targets, we will play our part in addressing climate change. We will lead the way through these initiatives, and our progress will be published annually on our website and in our annual report.”