Average salaries for new travel jobs soared by almost 8% in January to reach an average of £26,580 – the second highest figure in the past two years, new figures show.

Standard pay in the travel sector jumped by more than 12% at the start of 2018 to reach £24,468 – the biggest monthly rise in more than five years.

This meant that average standard travel salaries broke through the £24,000 barrier for only the second time, according to analysis by C&M Travel Recruitment and C&M Executive Recruitment.

Pay for new travel jobs in the south of the country rose by 6.45% in January to also set a new record of £28,952 after beating the previous benchmark set in April 2016.

At the same time, travel wages in London increased to their highest point since April 2016.

The number of new job seekers looking for travel roles in the UK rose by 63% from December and was up marginally over January 2017.

This came as the number of new travel vacancies being created at the start of 2018 jumped by 140% from December.

C&M director  Barbara Kolosinska said: “After several records were broken last year, 2018 has got off to a fantastic start with salaries for the typical new travel job jumping by 12% to more than £24,000.

“This is fantastic news for job seekers across the country and if it is any indication of the year ahead, then we can’t wait to see what happens.”

She added: “The big increase in the number of new travel jobs being made available is great to see, but it remains a candidate-driven market with quality applicants able to have their pick from the many great opportunities that currently exist.”