A strong improvement in airline safety are being claimed by Iata.

There were six fatal accidents leading to 19 deaths among passengers and crew in 2017 against 202 deaths in nine accidents the previous year.

None of the six fatal accidents involved a passenger jet. Five involved turboprop aircraft and one involved a cargo jet.

The crash of the cargo jet also resulted in the deaths of 35 people on the ground, as well as the crew of the jet.

None of the aircraft involved in deaths were operated by Iata member carriers. The total number of accidents fell to 45 from 67 in 2016, according to Iata figures.

The airline trade body’s director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac said: “2017 was a very good year for aviation safety. Some 4.1 billion travellers flew safely on 41.8 million flights.

“We saw improvements in nearly all key metrics – globally and in most regions. And our determination to make this very safe industry even safer continues.

“In 2017 there were incidents and accidents that we will learn from through the investigation process, just as we will learn from the recent tragedies in Russia and Iran.

“Complementing that knowledge are insights we can gain from the millions of flights that operate safety.

“Data from these operations is powering the development of predictive analytics that will eventually enable us to eliminate the conditions that can lead to accidents.

“The industry knows that every fatality is a tragedy. Our common goal is for every flight to take-off and land safely.”