British Airways’ first three long-haul aircraft installed with high-speed Wi-Fi have entered service.

The airline aims to connect 118 aircraft in its long-haul fleet over the next two years.

Prices for a ‘browse’ package which supports internet surfing, social media and WhatsApp start at £4.99.

A ‘stream’ option from £7.99 supports streaming of music and entertainment from online content services, including Netflix.

The packages can be bought for one hour, four hours or the full flight.

An hour’s free access will be offered for a limited time.

Passengers will be advised of the availability of Wi-Fi when they board a connected aircraft.

Internet access is being made available about ten minutes after take-off when the aircraft has passed 10,000ft.

The portal will work with the latest operating systems from Apple, Android and Windows, allowing customers to connect on a variety of devices.

All passengers can expect the latest generation Wi-Fi across BA’s long-haul and short-haul fleets over the next two years, according to the airline.

Brand and customer service director, Carolina Martinoli, said: “British Airways has launched its multi-million pound investment plan to benefit its customers with more choice and quality for all.

“Staying connected is important to our customers who want to be able to work, browse and stream in the air.

“They can now look forward to enjoying the latest generation Wi-Fi across our long-haul fleet over the next two years.”

Club World is having a £600 million revamp with improved catering and a new seat in the future and lounges around the airline’s network are to be improved.

Club Europe cabins have already been introduced on UK domestic services.

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