Etihad Airways claims to have been one of the most reliable airlines in the world last year.

The airline has posted its best operational on-time performance results since 2009.

Etihad improved its overall network departure punctuality in 2017 by three percentage points over the previous year.

The UAE carrier achieved network punctuality of 82% for flight departures and 86% for arrivals

On time performance for departures at the airline’s Abu Dhabi hub was 79%, and 89% for arrivals.

This is calculated on actual flight arrival and departure times within 15 minutes of the published schedule. It takes into consideration a variety of external factors including weather disruption and airspace congestion.

Chief operating officer Richard Hill said: “We are pleased to have recorded these strong on-time performance figures for 2017, which illustrate that Etihad Airways is an airline that – following safety – prioritises punctuality for its guests.

“Furthermore, the number of passengers carried annually increased from the previous year, with more than 18.6 million air travellers flying with Etihad Airways in 2017.”

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