The Swiss ski resort of Zermatt has been cut off by heavy snow for the second time in two weeks.

The risk of avalanches led to the latest closure of road and rail access.

Travellers due to visit Zermatt are being urged by the town’s tourism organisation to look for accommodation and wait in larger cities such as Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva or Lausanne

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office yesterday issued revised travel advice to say: “Rail and road access to the Zermatt area has been temporarily suspended again due to heavy snowfall and avalanche risk.

“If you are in the area, please follow instructions of local authorities and updates published on local tourism website –”

The FCO also warned of a risk of flooding, landslides and avalanches in some parts of Switzerland.

More than 13,000 tourists were trapped in Zermatt by heavy snow falls earlier in January.

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