A holidaymaker is suing Jet2holidays after a boy jumped on to him as he left a hotel pool slide in Spain.

Graham Hyde, 44, claims he was left in a neck brace during his holiday to Barcelona in June 2017 as a result of a boy jumping on him as he emerged from a slide in his hotel’s pool.

The Worcestershire man told the BBC that he “thought my neck had snapped” and said the injury “ruined” his family holiday. He does not blame the boy.

Jet2holidays said it was investigating his claim “fully” but would not comment further during legal proceedings.

Mr Hyde was staying at the Alegria Pineda Splash Hotel with his wife and daughter.

Mr Hyde told the BBC that he “saw something massive” coming towards him as he emerged from the slide and “only realised later that it was a young lad and he literally landed with his backside on my head”.

“I heard a massive crunch and can honestly say I thought my neck had snapped,” he added.

Mr Hyde said lifeguards administered first aid using ice packs and deep heat, which he claims burnt his skin. He was then taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Months after the incident, Mr Hyde claims he is still experiencing pain and stiffness as a result of the incident.

He said Jet2holidays has not apologised and wants to know why there appeared to be no signs or barriers in place where guests exit the water slide.

Jet2holidays said it could not comment due to the ongoing legal process.

But it told the BBC that its customers’ health and safety is “extremely important” and the company is “exploring Mr Hyde’s claim fully”.