Pod-based hotel firm Yotel is entering the extended stay arena with a new YotelPad brand.

Standard Pads will start from 215sq ft, but larger accommodation will also be available and featuring adjustable SmartBeds, work and relaxing areas, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and storage space.

The first will open in the US ski resort of Park City, Utah and in Miami as part of a mixed-use development including 250 Yotel cabins and 208 Pads.

Miami will be followed closely by two in the Geneva region and Yotel Dubai will also feature YotelPads.

No opening dates have been confirmed.

Brand vice president Jo Berrington said the concept will “transcend traditional boundaries with a blend of hotel-quality standards and home-like comforts”.

“Not only does this allow each guest or owner to have a fully functional private Pad, but with the added benefit to work, connect, relax and socialise in multi-functional and fun spaces, creating a strong sense of community,” added Berrington.

Communal areas and amenities will be programmed to the local environment and can include 24/7 gyms, bike and gear storage, Amazon lockers, laundry, home cinema and library as well as Yotel’s signature Club Lounge, ideal for co-working, meetings and entertaining friends or colleagues.

Berrington said: “Pad will be underpinned by our passion for technology and innovation; our seamless digital guest experience delivered via the YotelPad app.

“In addition to the obvious app functionality of booking and checking in and out, our app will be your digital key and a go to place for ordering amenities and ‘food-to-go’.
“Acting as a pocket size virtual concierge, the app will connect you directly to a range of services and experiences in the local community.”