Agents who have signed up for Inghams e-learning portal have booked 22% more revenue with the operator than others.

More than 1,250 agents have registered for The Academy since it was introduced in March.

Six agents have been awarded prizes after being entered into a series of prize draws for those who completed a minimum of three training modules.

The e-learning initiative was created to give agents the tools they need to speak knowledgably about Inghams’ ski and lakes and mountains programmes.

More than 7,500 modules have been completed and hundreds of hours of learning time logged over the eight months, according to head of sales Simon McIntyre.

He said: “It’s encouraging to know that our agent partners have found our new e-learning portal useful to their roles and we congratulate all our 2017 winners.

“In 2018, we’ll continue to update and develop the content across The Academy, to further support our agent partners, and we encourage everyone to register or re-visit to find out what’s new.”