Travellers are increasingly attracted to the intimate and sociable experience of small group tours, says Edwina Coppock, agency sales manager at Titan

Small group tours account for 30% of our bookings and we are seeing a significant increase since we launched these tours in 2015. Their popularity is increasing as travellers are attracted to a more intimate and sociable experience that allow them to observe first-hand the different cultures, landscapes and wildlife across continents such as, Asia, Latin America, Canada, Africa and Europe.

When exploring new and exciting worldwide destinations, there are many advantages to travelling as part of a smaller group. Feedback tells us that travelling in smaller numbers allows the individual to gain a greater understanding into their chosen destination.

Not only is it easier to meet local people in a more informal setting, travellers are also experiencing rewarding off-the-beaten-track destinations and activities that would otherwise be impractical for larger groups.

Gone are the days when small group tours involve an umbrella-led tour guide and you are faced with the horror of constant packing and unpacking. These days, travellers are accompanied by a native and enthusiastic tour guide who has extensive knowledge of their local destination inside out and back to front – what the tour guide doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing!

Travellers are given the opportunity to indulge in characterful boutique properties that include a number of nights, in a particular destination, allowing them to delve to a deeper level and fully embrace the local culture, as well as having the chance to make new discoveries.

We are only too aware that people are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether it’s discovering the undeveloped infrastructure of places like Burma and Uganda or visiting the sublime beauty of the Blue Nile and Simien Mountains, home to the ‘bleeding heart monkey’.

With numbers limited to just 14-24 guests, depending on the destination, this gives travellers the ideal opportunity to explore five continents where they can tap into the world of game reserves, waterfalls, colonial towns, rainforest and many more natural wonders.

It’s not every day you are privileged to spending time with Gorillas, seeing them close up in their natural habitat, or being given the chance to explore golden Buddhas and rural villages seemingly unchanged by time. These mind-blowing experiences is the very reason why we are seeing more and more travellers wanting to experience this first-hand.

The demographics of small group tours can vary, however, we are starting to see a shift for the first time.  From singles to couples, we are noticing a younger audience is attracted to the thought of embracing new experiences – it’s not hard to see why.  In my opinion, this is down to a combination of our agent partners and the travel industry slowly changing the mind-set of travellers as they aim to reach out to those willing to try a small group tour for the very first time.

As we approach our 40th anniversary in the travel industry next year, we are proud to announce that Titan will have a total of 28 small group tours available. With the continued support of our agent partners, we are able to keep growing this integral part of the business.

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