The travel industry is constantly adapting and evolving through technology to become more efficient to meet the needs of today’s more knowledgeable and tech-savvy travellers.

Eager to adopt and embrace any technology that offers them a better, smoother and more personalised travel experience. One way travel companies can improve the traveller experience is by ensuring travellers can manage their journey using mobile apps.

Technology aiding increased connectivity not only enables travel companies to better manage the travel experience through automating communications, it also empowers agents to provide a more personalized journey experience.

Enabling more upsell and cross sell opportunities to the agents by providing the right information at the right time via the mobile channel.

Think experience first:

Looking at the rise of the digitally connected traveller and the growth of mobile, we believe that in the next 3-5 years, 70% of the activity that generates bookings through Travelport’s platform will originate from a mobile device.

Hence, it’s crucial for travel companies to improve the traveller experience by ensuring travellers can manage their journey using mobile apps.

Arming travellers with the most up to date itinerary information, enabling them to build their travel plans, have live agent chat and real-time alerts, helps them stay connected while reducing calls to agents.

Build your brand via mobile:

Mobiles are getting smarter and becoming more and more like a personal shopper, offering great location based push messaging and promotional opportunities.

Where once they were mainly used to answer queries on the go, increasingly people are making more purchases via their phones, travel included. However, it’s crucial to create a great mobile experience.

There is much less real estate on a mobile screen so customers will only look at say 3-4 options versus 10 they look at on a web browser.

As mobile users are even more speed conscious than desktop users, it’s vital to serve up the right 3-4 options within no more than a couple of seconds with the checkout process to be simplified to the point that a single button press is all that’s needed to complete the purchase.

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