There are many reasons why readers of Travel Weekly are privileged to be working in one of the most rewarding and fun industries there is.

Last week’s Travel Convention in the Azores was the latest reminder, offering enlightening business sessions and networking opportunities while showcasing a beautiful destination that many might not otherwise experience.

Admittedly, when Abta announced the Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic as this year’s host, many travel execs will have surreptitiously turned to Google to find out exactly where they would be going.

But those who joined trips around the destination, including whale watching and cycling through its stunning volcanic scenery, came back absolutely wowed.

Amid the recent setbacks to befall the industry – from hurricanes to the Monarch collapse – it’s great to see it still has the ability to inspire even the most-seasoned travellers.

Sometimes it can be easy to become complacent, which is why it’s great to be reminded how fortunate we are by people with experiences of other industries – as Travel Convention moderator Chris Ship and former Monarch sales director Gary Anslow did on this week.

The travel industry’s ability to work hard and play hard, to come together in a crisis, to challenge the authorities and to compete feverishly while also co-operating to achieve mutual goals is, in their view, unique.

It’s something we’ll also be reminded of this week as 27 competing suppliers come together at the inaugural Association of Touring & Adventure Suppliers Conference to once again celebrate the potential of this amazing industry.