International volunteering organisation Global Vision International is using A-level results day to offer 50 internship scholarships.

Each scholarship is worth £500 and will be valid to use on all internships available on the GVI website through to 2019.

Internships run from six to 24 weeks and can be booked before the end of October, when the university clearing process finishes. Six-week internships usually start at £1,500.

More than 400,000 university places are likely to be decided today – and tens of thousands more places will be available through the clearing system, which matches people looking for places with vacancies on courses.

However, a CGVI spokesman said: “The path to success doesn’t have to be through university.

“GVI internships provide students with practical hands-on experience to help enhance personal and professional development.

“With over 100 projects in 10 countries around the world, the internships are specifically geared towards developing teamwork and leadership skills, offering real-world field experience in a variety of developing countries, and educating students in key global issues and different cultures – all valuable qualities for the workplace or higher education.”

Students can also gain academic credit for their time on a GVI internship.

Options include wildlife conversation in South Africa, environmental conservation in the Seychelles and community development in Nepal.